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Sukkot, Shmini Atzeret, Simchat Torah Schedule

Monday, October 14th
1st Day Sukkot Service
10:00am - 12:30pm | TBZ Sanctuary

Tuesday, October 15th
2nd Day of Sukkot: NO SERVICE

Wednesday, October 16th
Potluck in the Sukkah
5:30pm in the TBZ Sukkah
For more information, please contact Rav Tiferet. 

Friday, October 18th & Saturday, October 19th:
Chol Hamoed Sukkot & Installation of Rav Claudia as Senior Rabbi

Shabbat Nariya
Friday, October 18th | 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Shabbat Morning Service
Saturday, October 19th | 9:00am (no Torah Study)

Installation Ceremony Followed by Havdallah, and Dancing!
Saturday, October 19th | 7:00pm at TBZ

Sunday, October 20th
Sukkot on the Farm
10:30am - 1:30pm | Codman Community Farms, Lincoln, MA

Monday, October 21st
Shmini Atzeret Service, Includes Yizkor
10:00am - 12:30pm | TBZ Sanctuary

Simchat Torah Family Program for Children and Families
5:30pm at TBZ

Simchat Torah Service with Hakafot, including music in honor of Zina Pelzman z"l
6:30pm | TBZ Sanctuary

Tuesday, October 22nd
Simchat Torah Service with Rabbi Ebn Leader
9:00am - 2:00pm | TBZ Sanctuary

Experience the "Hakafot" the way they were envisioned in the mystical tradition as a mystical/meditational practice  As they are most commonly known, the Hakafot of Simchat Torah are an ongoing dance, an opportunity to celebrate the Jewish people's relation to Torah. As the hakafot are described in the books of our mystical tradition they are a spiritual practice, leading to the Torah reading.

Rabbi Ebn Leader will lead Hakafot at TBZ again this year, and try to facilitate a process in which the dancing and chanting of Simchat Torah is a preparation for the central element of the ritual, which is the reading of the last words of Devarim and the first words of Bereshit. This leads to a more contemplative service than what most of us usually experience on Simchat Torah.

For each of the seven hakafot one song will be chanted, which we will sing for approximately 10 minutes.Each one of the hakafot will be dedicated to one step through the symbolic sequence of sefirot from Hesed through Malchut. We will introduce each hakafah with an intention related to the specific sefirah.

Our dancing will consist mainly of walking in a circle, following each other and the Torah.

The schedule of the morning will be:  

* 9:00 - 10:00  Shacharit and Hallel.

* 10:00 Hakafot, chanting and walking. This should take approximately 1.5 hours.

* Torah reading. (We will do group aliyot rather than individual aliyot for every person in order not to lose the energy of the Hakafot)

* Silent time for Mussaf, and ending.

Even though this model does not put as much emphasis on the "fun" aspects of Simchat Torah, it will hopefully allow for the emergence of another kind of joy and appreciation for the place of Torah in our lives.

Mon, February 24 2020 29 Shevat 5780