Beit Rabban School

TBZ’s Beit Rabban and Mishpachot programs offer family and child-centric programming that reflects the values and needs of our community.  With the help of the rabbis, education coordinator, and lay leaders, a shared vision for the program has emerged.

One of our core congregational values is experiential education.  All of our programs are based on the notion that through deeply experiencing a joyful, living Judaism we will be able to successfully engage both children and adults in Jewish life and community.  Our educational programming addresses the needs of every single member of TBZ, from ages 0 and up.  We believe that each experience at TBZ—whether on Shabbat or holidays, at Torah study or in Beit Rabban – is an opportunity to help our members build connections to the TBZ community and to engage more deeply in Judaism and Jewish life.


A note from the Education Director:

Kiddushin 40b: Rabbi Tarfon and the Elders were once reclining in the upper story of Nitza’s house in Lod, when this question was raised before them: “Is study greater, or practice?” Rabbi Tarfon answered, saying: “Practice is greater.” Rabbi Akiba answered, saying: “Study is greater.” Then they all answered and said: “Study is greater, for study leads to practice.”

Welcome to Beit Rabban!
One aspect of our education program that I am particularly proud of is our dedication to experiential and project based learning.  As the above debate between Rabbis Akiva and Tarfon illustrates, the spheres of study and practice are equally important aspects of Jewish pedagogy.  This year Beit Rabban will put learning into practice, as we study from our elders and form intergenerational relationships in our families, our congregation, and our community.  Students will investigate and record family histories, as well as the stories of our neighbors at 1550 Beacon Street, Hebrew SeniorLife.  They will present their findings and interviews in ‘Story Corps’ type podcasts, which we look forward to sharing with the entire community.  Learning through the prism of “L’Dor Vador”, by connecting from generation to generation, we will form meaningful relationships and our personal connection to Jewish practice.  

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Our Curriculum Overview can be found here:  Beit Rabban Curriculum Overiew, or click here to view the full, detailed curriculum: BeitRabbanCurriculum-UpdatedSummer2014.  If you would like more information, please contact Cantor Becky Khitrik at

Beit Rabban meets every Wednesday from 4-6pm, from September 14, 2016-May 31, 2017.  Once a month on Wednesdays, the entire school gathers together for the last twenty minutes of their class for Z’man B’yachad (Time Together) for an opportunity for students and parents to engage in communal learning and bonding.

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Beit Rabban (Kindergarten – 7th Grade)

As learners in our Beit Rabban program, your children will be engaged in a rigorous and fun classroom environment with a structured curriculum and a talented teacher whose goal is to spark your child’s love of Judaism and help them build a strong foundation of knowledge and experience to be active, engaged Jews.

The cost of Beit Rabban for students in grades K-5 is $900.  For students in grades 6-7 who are also in the B’nei Mitzvah program, Beit Rabban tuition is $600.


In line with our vision, Beit Rabban, Tefillot Mishpachot, and The Tent (our teen program) are just small pieces of the educational programming offered at TBZ.  All mishpachot programs are carefully planned in order to present your child with a deep and well rounded Jewish experience.  Other programs include:

This is quite a large number of events, and given our busy lives it is impossible for any of us to attend every event that happens at TBZ.  We invite you to be a part of as much of this programming as you can.  The more opportunity your child has to engage in meaningful Jewish experiences with their peers and community, the more they will learn and grow at TBZ.

In addition to the programs and events that happen at TBZ, we hope to encourage and support your family’s Jewish life at home and your connections to one another.  Please let us know how we can support you and give you the resources you need to bring TBZ home with you.