Tfilot Mishpachot

Tfilot Mishpachot (Shabbat services for families and children ages 0-13 years) are held approximately twice a month and on the High Holidays.  These services, led by our Beit Rabban faculty, are an opportunity to strengthen a Shabbat-centered community, to gain exposure to the Torah and its teachings, and to learn and practice the important prayers of our Saturday morning liturgy.  Services are age-appropriate; there are three groups that convene concurrently from 11:30-12:15 on designated Saturdays: ages 0-4 with parents, grades K-3 with parents, and grades 4-7, without parents.

2016-2017 dates:

Sept. 17,

Oct. 1, Oct. 15, Oct, 29,

  Nov. 12,

Dec. 3, Dec. 17,

Jan. 21,

Feb. 4, Feb. 25,

March 18,

April 8, April 29,

May 20,

June 3