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Operating and Coordinating Committee

The Operating and Coordinating Committee of TBZ (the OC) is the hub of the congregation. Imagine a wagon wheel with multiple spokes extending from the center. The spokes represent each committee working in unison, though from a different direction, towards the fulfillment of the TBZ mission. The OC makes sure that the spokes are true, the wheel is in good repair, feedback is provided regarding the road, and the wheels support the wagon.

The OC is chaired by the TBZ President and is comprised of the President and 5 elected Vice Presidents. The Rabbis and the Executive Director attend committee meetings which occur approximately once a month. The OC coordinates the activities of the various committees, operations, building, and shul finances. The OC makes sure that the President, the driver of the wagon, has the information and the support they need to implement the mission of TBZ. To allow for the Board to focus on long-term strategic issues, the OC addresses matters of day-to-day importance to TBZ.

Participation in the OC gives you an opportunity to have a significant impact on your TBZ Community through leadership and action. To learn more, contact

Thu, May 6 2021 24 Iyyar 5781