Adult Learning


What is “joyful learning” — in a Jewish context?

Joyful learning comes from a deep appreciation of our interaction with text, and our empowerment of one another to become interpreters of text. Our attitude toward the sacred texts of the Jewish tradition is that they are, as the liturgy tells us, ‘from the mouth of G!d through the hand of Moses.’ It is the interaction of the human and the divine that informs our study. We are open to the most recent studies in Jewish interpretation as well as medieval commentaries and Biblical midrashim. All of them serve our essential desire – to seek in our texts deeper, often unseen meanings that can inform (even trans-form) our day-to-day existence.

At TBZ, we view ongoing, lifelong, joyful learning as a prerequisite for spiritual growth.

TBZ’s enthusiasm for learning is strong and has continued to soar each year as our programming has broadened and deepened. Our educational programming offers a wide range of learning opportunities which appeal to members across “our diverse shtetl,” as well as to the greater Brookline community. We continually evaluate our educational programming to enhance its quality and to keep it meaningful.