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Are you looking to subscribe to the TBZ Happenings, our weekly members-only newsletter? If so, please email the TBZ office.

The TBZ Kehilla listserv is open to anyone, TBZ members and non-members alike. It offers information about TBZ, about happenings in the larger Jewish community, Israeli affairs, as well as personal postings such as items for sale, or people looking for recommendations, jobs, apartments, etc. It is an open forum, available to anyone who would like to subscribe. People are asked to treat each other respectfully, and the TBZ moderator reserves the right to unsubscribe anyone for inappropriate postings.

Click here to subscribe to the TBZ-Kehilla listserv.

Other TBZ listservs (email to be added):

TBZ Parents

The goal of this group is to provide an easy way for TBZ families with children to communicate with one another. If you have any questions, please email Rav Tiferet at

TBZ_Tikkun Olam

The moderated TBZ Tikkun Olam Listserv e-mail group is for TBZ members who would like to receive information about upcoming relevant events and opportunities. We encourage TBZ members to be involved in social justice within our TBZ community and in the world outside. This is not a discussion listserv.

TBZ-B’nei Mitzvah

This group is for TBZ families participating in the B’nei Mitzvah group (6th and 7th graders during 2016-2017 calendar year). Please use this email for ONLY B’nei Mitzvah related emails. for general parenting/mishpachot emails, use TBZ parents group and for general community.

Sun, September 15 2019 15 Elul 5779