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Kashrut and Catering Guidelines

TBZ has created a kosher kitchen that is sensitive to the needs of our diverse community. Our goal is to keep the system simple and to increase our awareness of being Jewish through the food that we put into our bodies.

Our kitchen is milchig (dairy). All food will fall within the dairy or pareve categories of halachic kashrut. Foods must either have a hechsher, or contain only ingredients that could qualify for a hechsher. This includes personal food, such as lunch brought in to eat at a meeting.

Wine and Cheese. Only wine used for blessings needs to be kosher. Some cheeses may not need a hechsher.

Baked Goods. As we are surrounded by many quality kosher bakeries, breads, bagels, and pastries musts be obtained only from a kosher bakery; baked at the shul; or baked in your home after you have been certified. Many local supermarkets also have kosher bakeries – just ask them.

Salad Bars, Salad Plates and Fruit Salads. The Whole Foods Market and Shaw’s Market in in our area tell us that they are careful to separate utensils – and that that cutting boards, knives, dishes, etc., that touch meat, chicken or fish never touch vegetables and fruit. Vegetable and fruit platters from these establishments are allowed in the shul; and there may be more options in the future. If you find others, let us know.

Caterers. Caterers need to be kosher. A caterer can bring meat to the shul, provided they do not make the kitchen fleishig (i.e., they can store food in the refrigerator, appropriately wrapped.)

A short word about kashrut at TBZ potlucks

When bringing food to a TBZ potluck, your contribution must be vegetarian and should be accompanied by a label stating all ingredients. Also, potluck contributions cannot be brought into the TBZ kitchen. We will have paper plates, cups and utensils on hand, but please bring a serving utensil for your dish.

Thu, May 6 2021 24 Iyyar 5781