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TBZ, as part of Refugee Immigration Ministry, is helping care for two refugee families. But we need your help!

April 5th, 2017  |  General News

TBZ, in collaboration with four other Jewish and Christian congregations, as part of a Refugee Immigration Ministry (RIM) cluster, has taken on the sacred responsibility of housing and caring for two refugee families while they adjust to life in America.

WE NOW HAVE CLIENTS who are ready to move into our Brookline Village apartment:  a woman from Cameroon and her 7-month-old daughter, along with a woman from Uganda (who has several children back in Uganda).  Both are in great need of our help, and are excited about sharing the Brookline apartment and getting support from our cluster.  Both have been vetted by RIM and have lawyers working on their asylum cases.  They have signed the lease and will move in very soon. Your contribution directly helps them settle in the U.S. and become self-sufficient.

PLEASE GIVE to our Passover/Easter fundraising campaign. Our cluster’s total goal is $30,000 by the end of the holidays to cover our annual budget for the first year to cover housing (about $15,000), food and clothing (about $10,000), and other living expenses (about $5,000). The holidays are an opportunity for all of us to not only give generously ourselves but to also offer guests at our seders the opportunity to support the campaign as together we recall our own history as refugees.

INCLUDED ABOVE: a Pesach reader for your seders. View the readers here. We have printed copies for you to pick up at TBZ near the entrance to the sanctuary. Please use them to spread the word. The readings connect today’s stories of refugees with the Passover/Pesach story. You are welcome to put the Passover table tent on your seder table and incorporate it into your seder.

All funds raised go directly to support our clients. Tax-deductible donations can be made in two ways:

  1. By check: Make your check to Refugee Immigration Ministry, note “Newton-Brookline Cluster” in the memo line, and send to RIM: 6 Pleasant St. Suite 612, Malden, MA 02148. There is no transaction fee for checks, so please consider a check if you’re considering a larger donation.
  2. Online: Secure donations can be made at:


You can read more at our website: tinyurl.com/rim-newton

The Refugee Immigration Ministry has been supporting refugees since 1986 with an inspiring track record of success and sustainable interfaith relationships.  This moment in our history calls for even more support. There are many asylum seekers already in our country who need our help as they navigate our legal process, our job market, and our culture. The RIM success rate is almost 100% in supporting the asylee being granted legal AND reaching self-sufficiency. RIM only takes on clients once a lawyer has reviewed and taken their case because it is meritorious. Then they support the asylees until they achieve financial independence, which usually takes 6 months to 18 months.

Finally, the New York Times and the Boston Globe each had recent feature stories about congregations and communities hosting refugees. The New York Times story had the approximate budget per family: $30,000 Canadian in addition to a large government subsidy of about $20,000 Canadian for needy immigrant families (total of about $40,000 US). This story confirms our target budget for our clients. Because we plan on supporting new refugee families after our first families become independent, we will apply any surplus funds to those new families.


Jed Shugerman and Jenny Berz, TBZ Liaisons to the Steering Committee

jshugerman@gmail.com, jbberz@gmail.com

The Cluster Steering Committee:

Temple Reyim – David Carlen, Bonnie Glickman, Miriam Tuchman

First Baptist Church – David Barbrow, Wendy Sheehan, Eunice Wilson

Temple Beth Zion – Jenny Berz, Jed Shugerman

Grace Episcopal Church – Anne Benaquist, Ken Carpenter

Newton Centre Minyan – Shimi Anisfeld

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