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Bring Chametz to TBZ! March 13- April 8th

March 13th, 2017  |  General News

Bring Chametz to TBZ! March 13- April 8th

TBZ members Maia and Zoe Levitt are doing a hametz drive! 
The Jewish Heritage Club at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School is collecting for the Falcon Market food pantry at the school, which provides meals and other necessities for students in need.
When getting rid of your extra hametz this year, please consider dropping it off in the box on the first floor by the water fountain. Donations will be accepted until April 8.

Passover is drawing near and the CRLS food pantry can always use more food. Clean out your house by bringing unopened chametz to TBZ. 

Flour, cereal, crackers…we take them all!

Kitniot too! Rice, beans and oatmeal always go fast!

What is the CRLS food pantry?

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (CRLS), Cambridge’s public high school, has a food pantry for students and their families. Many students get most of their nourishment from the school food service program. 50 students are currently served by the pantry.

For more information on CRLS click here 

For more information on what is Chametz from the OU, click here

For more information on (Passover) Pesach 5777 from Aish.org click here

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