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Composting at TBZ

Composting Comes to TBZ for Spring Kiddush!

FOR YEARS, many of us (okay, almost all of us!) at TBZ have worried about the amount of waste we generate at social events, especially at Shabbat Kiddush.  Despite best efforts, solutions were hard to find – we don’t have space in our kitchen (at least not without extensive, costly renovations) for a dishwasher, and recycling doesn’t take account of all the paper/plastic products with food waste that can’t be easily recycled.  We considered composting for food waste, but it really didn’t work for all our paper plates and related products.

Now, after a lot of good research and planning by our unofficial composting subcommittee and Executive Director Steven Greenberg (thank you all!), we have found a company, Black Earth Compost, which will pick up all our food and related waste for composting, including paper plates and bowls, plastic and paper cups, and plastic tableware.  Almost everything we use at Kiddush (except our paper tablecloths, for which we are still seeking a solution) will go directly into the compost bin, decompose, and then be returned to the earth as vitamin rich compost.  At the same time, we will significantly reduce the amount of trash we send to the landfill.

All this will cost TBZ a bit more, as we need to replace some of our existing supplies with compostable alternatives, but the cost is modest, and well worth the added benefits. 

This will also require some changes in habits, so we ask everyone’s cooperation when we introduce this on June 1, 2019 for the Spring Kiddush. There will be new compost receptacles, well marked, and it will be important to follow directions – which will be clearly posted – to make sure everything ends up in the right place.

So, please watch for these changes and join us as TBZ continues to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint and live a little more lightly on our precious planet.

- Rav Claudia and Jonathan Klein, for the Tikkun Olam Steering Committee and the Composting Subcommittee (Danya Handelsman, Fran Adams, Mark Dwortzan, Anne-Marie Codur and Eddie Taub)




Thu, July 9 2020 17 Tammuz 5780