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A Message from Our Rabbis

Over the past eighteen years, through the financial support of so many of our members, we have made our beautiful building more welcoming and accessible. Each physical improvement to our environment enhanced our connections to each other and to the Divine Presence whether in prayer, joyous celebration, or learning.

Now it is time, once again, to repair, refurbish, upgrade and renovate our physical home.

Among the necessary improvements, the one we are most excited about is the plan to renovate the third floor to create a Lifelong Learning Center. We envision a completely new kind of space, served by a lift and a handicapped accessible restroom, which will be used by both adults and children for learning “Torah” in the broadest sense of the word. This fits into the highest goal of TBZ: providing the space and opportunities for the intellectual and spiritual growth for all of our members.

This is a mission that will greatly enhance the Jewish lives of our entire community.  That is why, together with our leadership team, we are striving for 100% member participation in this important project.

We were blessed by our founding generation in 1948 who built our beautiful Temple on the hill for us. It is now our responsibility to ensure for our children and grandchildren a building that is worthy of this inheritance.

Wed, December 12 2018 4 Tevet 5779