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TBZ Building Revitalization

On the links below, you will see images of how our revitalization projects will help TBZ flourish:  five new rooms on the third floor with a lift to get there, refreshed lobbies, restrooms, and stairwells, new welcoming and secure front doors, and more.  We are most excited that, with your help, we can aim for a late fall start of the construction and have our newly revitalized space completed in the spring of 2017!  Our TBZ staff is already carefully planning for the accommodations to any programming that will need to be made during that time.

But it will take each and every one of our members to make L’DOR V’DOR succeed.  

To undertake this renovation, we need to raise $1,200,000 in gifts and pledges. By raising all the needed funds now, we won’t need a long term mortgage to finance this project. This way we give our next generation what the previous generation gave us, a debt free building.

We will be reaching out to every one of you in the coming weeks and months to answer any questions you may have about this project, and to secure your personally meaningful pledge.  While you wait for that phone call, please take some time to think deeply about your role in L’DOR V’DOR and how you want to participate in ensuring the viability of our building both for us now and for future generations.  We hope that you will participate with a gift that rises to the best of your giving ability, and demonstrates your support of our loving community. Your gift is vital to building TBZ’s future.

Your Gift will help build:

Lifelong Learning Center: The third floor will be completely renovated – and increased in size – to create a Lifelong Learning Center with modern classrooms that will be used by both children and adults to study, share and grow.

Accessibility: We will install a lift to the third floor and a handicap accessible rest room on that floor – significantly enhancing TBZ’s accessibility.

Lobbies: Rennovation of the lobbies on the ground floor and the second (Sanctuary) floor will be upgraded to make them warmer and more inviting, and match the quality and feel of our beautiful Sanctuary.

Entryway: The three main front doors will be replaced to provide upgraded security and create a more welcoming entryway.

Restrooms and Coatrooms: The restrooms and coat rooms on both the ground and second floors will be upgraded.

Stairwells: Both stairwells will be refurbished and repainted, so they match the quality and feel of the upgraded lobbies.

Plus: We will be able to make a variety of essential repairs and updates, and purchase new furniture for the Lifelong Learning Center and other areas so that the building is in tip-top shape to serve us for many years into the future.

Here are PDF’s for you to download and see the details of the plan.

Thu, November 23 2017 5 Kislev 5778